7 LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

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LinkedIn Marketing

“Are you seriously telling me that you don’t have a LinkedIn profile?” said my Cousin, as shocked as ever, when she heard I wanted to apply for jobs. I learned that day that LinkedIn is an absolute crucial platform to have from a professional point of view. It is through your profile that the people in the Corporate world judge you and your work, they see your experiences, and everything is as transparent as it can be (You get a notification showing who viewed your profile, yep, no stalking skills work here).

Anyway, this blog post is not going to teach you the basics of LinkedIn Marketing but will tell you some important things which you might know about. Legoo!

1| Connect with people as well as company pages:

First things first, a common myth is that by just connecting with people through the company’s profile and keeping that updated they’ll be able to maintain relationships. The actual fact is that people want to connect with people and not company pages, they want to get to know you as a person and what you do for your company.

The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions page rightly says, “You might be asking, “Isn’t this post about marketing my business?” It is, but ultimately people do business with people, which is why it’s important to start with your own LinkedIn profile.

If you want to be updated about a particular company, say Creative Garage itself, one should not only follow the company page but all connect with its CEO or employee to maintain a good relationship!



2| Optimization

 I can’t write a blog without stressing about optimization. Making your business page SEO friendly will help you go a long way. Here’s how you can do it:

  •      Insert keywords in your company profile information using the generic words that an average consumer would use while searching for someone from your domain.
  •  Link your profile to your Company page, and tell your employees to link theirs to the company page too!
  •     Share content related to the recent trending topics and your business. When you publish updates from your Company Page they also appear on your public page, allowing your content to be indexed by Google.


3| Groups

 Join groups!! LinkedIn has people who take the initiative to make communities and share relevant things there who are seen by even more relevant people. This will help you to share your company updates for the correct audience. Participating in group discussions will get your company page traction. 

For example, take our client Exhibit Magazine, if they want to post updates of their Magazine, they should join groups like the one mentioned below and post there.


4| Showcase Pages

   Showcase Pages function like subdomains of your Company Page, allowing you to spotlight specific areas of your business, like a particular brand or ongoing initiative. LinkedIn members can choose to follow one or more of your Spotlight Pages if they’re particularly interested in a specific aspect of your company. You can create up to 10 Showcase Pages by default. If you need more, you’ll need to submit a support request to LinkedIn.


5| Advertisements

LinkedIn ads have emerged to be better and useful now. They now help you to reach a very profitable and selective audience which is refined. You can either name sponsored content, regular ads or sponsored in mail feature. More importantly, you can use LinkedIn’s Matched Audience Tool to retarget the visitors who are already in your sales funnel. It helps you retarget website visitors, which is great because 98% of website visitors don’t convert.


6| Premium

LinkedIn premium, an upgraded and paid version, though expensive is a very useful upgrade to have and gives you features like:

  • In-mail features
  • Sales Solutions
  • E-Learning videos
  • Additional search filter
  • Reference searches



7| Jobs

Lastly, if you’re looking to hire someone and know their complete background check, don’t hesitate to use LinkedIn to do that, it is the most reliable source! Also, they automatically get notified if a job has an opening if they let LinkedIn know that they’re looking for one.


This was obviously a gist of what LinkedIn Marketing has to offer, there’s so so so much more, but this should give you the extra added bonus that you’ll need to make your profile better!




Share your thoughts on this, and feel free to add more to this!

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