6 Instagram Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

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Welcome to the episode of the ‘Battle of Social Media’, on one side we see Grandpa Facebook, sitting on his rocking chair taking his anti-depression pills, and on the other we see the annoying aunt Snapchat who’s been trying too hard, but in the front of the stage, taking all the limelight we have the Mr. Popular, Instagram, aka ‘The ‘Gram’. He’s taken a comfortable seat on his throne, not planning to leave anytime soon.

With more than 700 million active users, the platform isn’t just for personal use anymore. Instagram is a full-fledged, global platform that allows brands to humanize their content, recruit new talent, showcase products, and inspire their audience.  Instagram can be a bit of a mystery for business owners. Knowing that it has now become a medium through which one can build a solid presence on the platform in order to engage and connect with your target market, everyone has their eyes on it, and clearly, you do too (I mean, come on, you’re here aren’t you?)

Let’s quench your thirst for knowledge, here goes the ultimate Instagram marketing strategy guide for you

Convert your profile to a business profile

If you’re thinking your personal profile and business profile are the same, you’ve got it wrong, my friend. Not only do these business profiles give your customers the option to contact you, but it gives some great analytics, such as the location, age, gender, impressions of your followers. It looks professional and your brand is easily accessible to the followers.


New feature: Business profiles with 10k+ followers even have an additional feature of putting up links in stories through which people can swipe up and look at the link attached.

Optimization of your profile

Optimization always helps any social media handle to rank before the other, if optimized properly. Here is how you can do yours:

  1. Bio: You have to have a really engaging bio, which immediately leaves the person wondering what your brand is all about and leave them wanting to know more. Personally, I prefer keeping a really minimalistic bio, for example, GQ and Nike.
  2. Add your company’s logo in the profile picture.
  3. Try coming up with a hashtag of your own so that it belongs to your company.
  4. Link: Unlike most social media, Instagram doesn’t let you add clickable links in your any post, except one link in the bio. I recommend you all to keep updating that one link in your bio to whatever you want them to click, and tell them to check the link in the bio in your picture captions. Something like this:

Create content

Content is obviously the vital part of any profile. Try to stick to a theme throughout your profile while showcasing what your brand believes in. Makes sure that the picture quality is of high resolution and a relevant caption is given with it. Post as frequently as possible, posting sometimes is as good as not posting.

Instagram community

The ‘Gram community is a huge platform to form relationships.  Making a network of your fans/customers and engaging them in

  1. Contests
  2. Story polls
  3. Hashtags
  4. Sharing videos of events, and letting them know of your whereabouts (They can even search you through story searches!)


I wanted this to be my first point tbh, but for the sake of cliché I had to go with ‘sequence rule’. I can’t stress enough on how important Hashtags are. Hashtags help your image to reach outside your current sphere of followers and grow your Instagram followers and hence reach out to more people.

You can use popular hashtags like, #tbt #love #friendship, but what really gets you the likes and followers are when you research the hashtag that you think will be  relevant to your post and see which one has more posts, and is thus more popular.

Some research even suggests that engagement is highest on posts that have 11+ hashtags!


Promoting your Instagram is necessary initially when not a lot of people have heard of your brand. Promotions can be done in the following ways:

Instagram influencer marketing:  Influencers are those people who already have a good fan base and their fans trust them. Say you have a Technology product, you can pay a technology influencer to post it on his profile so that the tech lovers in his profile can see it!

Instagram Advertisements: This is a good tool to promote a particular post. Instagram ads are quite reasonable as you can set your budget and they’ll run the ad for as many days as the budget constraint is.,

Instagram Contests:  Create contests like Hashtag contests (Describe yourself in one hashtag?), Personality quizzes(What kind of a cupcake are you?), Prize giveaways etc

These tips will only get you halfway there; the actual work has to be done by you. Go get’em, Tiger! (Too much?)

Please do feel free to comment below if you have any queries or suggestions, we know there’s always room for improvement!


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